Telephone a Lifeline for the Elderly

Respond is disappointed at the litany of combined cuts directed towards the elderly in Budget 2014. Telephone allowance gone, prescription charges increased, lowering of the income thresholds for the Over 70s Medical Cards and bereavement grant abolished.  One third of Respond homes are occupied by older residents and Respond believe cuts of this nature are an attack on people’s ability to live with dignity and independence. Continue reading

Are We Failing Our Elders ?

Respond Housing Association believe older people have earned the right to an adequate income and other supports which enable them to enjoy a reasonable standard of living. Respond is therefore calling on the Government, in the run up to Budget 2014, to not fail our elders.

As winter approaches fuel poverty is a very real concern for older people.  ‘Eat or Heat’ was an anxiety that was brought to the fore last year and has yet to be addressed. It is well documented that older people are the main group most at risk of energy poverty while those with a chronic illness or disability are considered particularly vulnerable. Continue reading