Credit union offer of €5 billion fund for social housing deserves Government support

“We need to start building now” – Respond

The Respond housing charity today welcomed the Irish League of Credit Union’s proposal of a €5 billion fund for social housing.

Respond CEO Ned Brennan said:

“We very much welcome and support the Credit Union’s wish to use their surplus funds to help Ireland deliver the social houses we so desperately need. It shows the Credit Unions have the wider interests of Ireland at the heart of their business model and wish to contribute to the common good. Continue reading

Time for concrete plans on social housing. The 32nd Dáil needs to start building – Respond

The Respond Housing charity today called on all TDs elected to the new Dáil to make the delivery of social housing their number 1 priority as they enter negotiations on possible dimensions of a new Government.

Ned Brennan, CEO of Respond said:

“Regardless of who is Taoiseach or what parties make up the new Government, one thing has been clear for some time – that is Ireland is in the midst of a housing crisis so severe we see new families becoming homeless every day. Continue reading

Paul Melia: Amid all the chaos, planning for ageing is forgotten

Reporter with the Irish Independent Paul Melia spoke to Ned Brennan about the housing crises and the findings contained in the ESRI Study March 2016

Paul Melia: Amid all the chaos, planning for ageing is forgotten
Published in the Independent on 9th March 2016

In a housing crisis, it’s no surprise that sectoral interests fall by the wayside.

For a Government facing a national emergency on homelessness, coupled with a need to boost housing supply to cater for renters, those on council waiting lists and private homeowners, it was inevitable that housing for the elderly fell down the list of priorities.

And while the ESRI suggests giving cash to these empty nesters to encourage them to move into smaller homes, it’s worth bearing in mind that the think-tank estimates this would release just 26,000 homes – this is little over a year’s supply.

Of far bigger concern, and something which all policy makers need to start tackling, is how we deal with our ageing population. Continue reading