Respond welcomes plans to increase social housing supply

Respond Housing association today warmly welcomed Minister Coveney’s Rebuilding Ireland Action Plan on Housing and Homelessness, in particular the increased funding and targets to provide an additional 47,000 new social homes over the next 5 years.

Founder/Director Fr. Pat Cogan ofm said:

We welcome the Minister’s initiatives and we offer our considerable and professional in-house design and production services to meet the huge housing need that the Minister has outlined.  Currently, we are engaged in reviewing our Design and Production capabilities to see how we might respond positively to the design and planning needs of ourselves, local authorities and other Approved Housing Bodies. Continue reading

New social housing development opened by Respond at Moy Glas, Lucan

The development will house 14 families who previously were on the South Dublin County Council housing list, many for a very long time. There will be 40 children in the new development.

The Street party included face-painting, a DJ, finger food and ribbon cutting however the big hit of the day was the petting zoo where scorpions, spider, snakes etc where available to see, touch and (for the very brave) to hold.

Attending the Street Party and Official Opening of the new Homes, The Mayor Of South Dublin and local Councillor Guss O’Connell had this to say “I would like, on behalf of the people of South Dublin, to welcome all the new residents of Moy Glas Glade to the Lucan Community. It is wonderful that 14 Families including 65 Adults and 40 Children have been taken off the housing list thanks to Respond. If we are to really solve our Housing Crises, then we need many more initiatives such as this.

“In South Dublin we are not just about providing houses, urgent and all as that is, but even more importantly, we are about building communities. The involvement of Respond therefore here in Moy Glas Glade is to be welcomed given their track record in this regard. In turn, they are coming into a most vibrant and active community here in Moy Glas Estate.

“We are enriched in our County by the presence of over 120 different nationalities.  At the same time this poses a challenge to us all to ensure that everyone is felt welcome and that their culture, traditions, hopes and expectations are understood and respected.  I look forward to working with my councillor colleagues, Respond and the Moy Glas Residents Association in ensuring that we have full integration between the established and the new residents.  This Garden Party is a mighty step in that direction and I hope it becomes an annual affair and that it can be replicated elsewhere across South Dublin County. I hope everyone has a memorable afternoon.”

Ned Brennan, Chief Operations Officer of Respond Housing said:

“We are delighted to host a street party to open this lovely new development. We are conscious at all times that the most successful housing developments are the ones where the residents create a real sense of community among themselves and, importantly, with their neighbours.

“Respond Housing will manage the Moy Glas Glade estate providing family support services and attending to the day-to-day needs of the residents as well as the property.

“The only real way to solve our current housing and homelessness crisis is to build more social housing. Respond is currently ramping up our current house building and acquisitions programme in order to deal with the substantial need for social housing that exists.

“We are proud of this development and hope that Moy Glas Glade will prove best practice in terms of the quality of the housing supplied, the quality of the support services for the residents and true cohesion among our residents and their neighbours. Housing is only the first step – real success comes from the creation of flourishing communities.

“We wish the new residents well as we continue our work building social housing and creating communities nationwide and would also like to express our gratitude to the Department of Housing and South Dublin County Council for their support with this project”.

The building of Moy Glas Glade was financed through a combination of the Capital Advance Leasing Facility (CALF) and a Payment and Availability Agreement (PAA)

Posted: July 2016