Our Policies

Respond has a variety of policies across the organisation which governs how we deliver services to residents. These policies are available below. If you would like any further information, or have any difficulty accessing information on our website, please contact Susan Goulding PR Officer on 051 840200.

30 Year Report (1982 – 2012)

To celebrate 30 years of Respond, we have published a 30 Year Report (1982 – 2012) which charts the history of the organisation since we were founded in Waterford in 1982. The report contains up to date information on the organisation, including current housing stock, staffing, corporate governance, financial review and list of services.
If you would like to read about the development of Respond Housing Association over the past 30 years, please click here.

Corporate Strategic Profile (2012 – 2015)

The Respond Corporate Strategic Profile sets out the governance and accountability structures within the organisation, as well as the range of services and supports we offer. This is underpinned by a series of departmental plans and strategies identifying the goals and objectives of the organisation for the next three years. The Corporate Strategic Profile also also contains a series of key performance indicators (KPIs) for staff to assist in measuring performance and achieving goals.
If you would like to read our Corporate Strategic Profile, please click here.

Community Development Strategy

The Respond Community Development Strategy aims to support integrated local economic and social development through programmes that counter disadvantage while promoting the inclusion and participation of people and communities. The nature of the Respond Community Development Strategy is progressive, moving communities from one stage of development to the next through the use of programmed events, education and applied community resources.
Read more about our Community Development Strategy here:

Estate Management Strategy

The Respond Estate Management Strategy is based on a number of core aims and objectives that are regularly reviewed and updated and can be viewed here. These include:

  • Allocations and assessments
  • Management
  • Maintenance and repairs
  • Financial management
  • Estate management staffing
  • Ensuring compliance
  • Resident satisfaction
  • Administrative, IT and support systems

Better Being Strategy

The Respond Better Being Strategy supports an identifiable minority of parents and children on our estates, who from time to time, may experience mental health difficulties. The strategy was prepared as part of Respond’s vision to support families in recognition of the fact that the need for social housing usually co-exists with many other needs. This strategy is currently being piloted over a 3 year programme in a number of estates in the South and South East.
If you would like to read more about our Better Being Strategy, please click here:

Child Protection Policy

Respond Housing Association is committed to promoting the highest standards of child protection in line with ‘Children First: National Guidance for the Protection and Welfare of Children’ (2017). To this end we have recently updated our child protection policy ‘Making our Communities Safe for Children’.

This policy is implemented within the organisation and being promoted on all of our family estates and homelessness services. Copies of the policy are available in each Respond Community Building, or from our Resident Support Staff.  We seek the support of our residents in promoting this policy on all of our estates and services.
If you would like to download the Respond Child Protection policy, please click here

Family Support Strategy

The Respond Family Support Strategy aims to improve the well-being of children and adults on our estates. The strategy involves a range of actions that are required to address the needs of our residents in order to bring about significant outcomes in their lives. The programme seeks to foster ways to involve parents as the first and best learners of their children.

National Strategy for Older People 2013 – 2016

The Respond National Strategy for Older People is an illustration of the recognition Respond has made that older residents are a distinct group to be valued and supported. We aim to ensure that residents’ skills, as well as their needs, are identified and utilised appropriately to enable people to see their worth and encourage them to contribute both to life on the estates, and to society more generally.This strategy is in keeping with both national and international frameworks which promote healthy ageing. Our focus remains with the foundations of our organisation, being to alleviate poverty and create vibrant, socially integrated communities.
If you would like to read or download the National Strategy for Older People 2013-2016 please click here.

Data Protection Policy

Data is essential to the effective delivery of Respond services.  Respond hold data for a variety of purposes, which largely relates to the tenancy relationship that we undertake in addition to the provision of care and support services and in the context of the administration of the Company.  Data protection is about creating a framework for the lawful processing and protection of personal data.  It is the means by which an individual’s fundamental right to privacy is safeguarded.

You can read the Respond Data Protection policy here. To undertake subject access request under the Data Protection Acts please download this form by clicking here.

Respond Letting Conditions

Respond Letting Conditions have been drafted in compliance with the Residential Tenancies Act  2015 and any further enactments and also as per recommendations of the Irish Council for Social Housing, please find here