6th Annual GMIT International Construction Management Conference

photo of presenter at GMIT 2016

Organisers and Speakers at the GMIT Conference March 2016

Ned Brennan Respond CEO and Parag Joglekar, Respond Head of Property both spoke at the 6th Annual International Construction Management Day held on 8th March 2016.

At the conference Ned called for Part V to be restored to its previous level of  20% to provide for adequate levels of social housing. The initial Part V clause obliged home builders to set aside up to 20% of all units for social or affordable housing, however this has been decreased to 10%.

Ned stated that:

Twitter“If 12,000 units were delivered last year and half of those, 6,000, were once-off houses, that left probably 6,000 that come under the remit of Part V. So that would deliver 600 houses in the whole economy. Six hundred houses at a time where there is a need for a minimum of about 6,000 social houses per year. So the delivery of the Part V mechanism is very significant,” he said.

Mr Brennan also said the Housing Strategy 2020 was “totally unachievable” based on current output. He called for the establishment of a housing authority and the delivery of fast-track planning for social housing for a five-year period.

Ned speaking with GMIT2The conference was hosted at the Galway – Mayo Institute of Technology in Galway and had an exciting array of sponsors and speakers and a large audience of both practitioner and students.

GMIT venue