Visits in June to Respond Oakfield Close Childcare Centre – Mallow, Co Cork

DSC02867On Wednesday 17th & Thursday 18th June Oakfield Close Childcare Centre had a visit from the local community guard Liam Doyle. The two visits were to ensure all the children got to see the inside of the Garda van, watch the flashing lights and got to turn on and off the siren (many many times). Liam helped to reinforce the topics covered throughout the year in our curriculum such as road safety wearing a seatbelt the importance of not opening it, sitting on a booster seat etc.

DSC02861It was a lovely visit and helped to teach the children that the An Garda Siochana are not just a uniform but people who are trustworthy, approachable and kind. Liam asked all children to remember to salute him the next time they see him out and about. Liam then spoke about what to do if lost in a shop, the importance of holding hands and moved on to a ‘show and tell’ type exercise, which went down a treat, as the children got to try on his official hat, hold the batten, and try on the handcuffs. The children loved the whole experience and were delighted with the opportunity to sing a few safety songs, which they had learnt during the year.  Garda Liam Doyle was suitably impressed with their efforts.

DSC02882DSC02849Also in June Respond Oakfield Close Childcare Centre was visited by the local postman Mick Walsh. The children had written and posted letters to each other, which the postman personally delivered the letters to each child. The postman spoke about what the postman does, showed the children his delivery van and some parcels inside. This event helped children to connect with ‘how things work’ within their local community.

We then took a trip to the local post office where each child was given 68 cent and went individually to the counter asked for a stamp handed in the money and received a stamp back .The children were very proud of themselves and the experience promoted their independence and self-confidence.

We would like to thank Garda Liam Doyle, Postman Mick Walsh all the staff at the local post office who were all very supportive.

Oakfield Close Childcare Centre endeavours to support children in a warm caring environment helping them to flourish into happy unique individuals. Our affordable quality childcare allows every child to avail of the service.

Oakfield Close run a pre-school & after-school service under the following schemes ECCE, CCS, TEC and opens 5 days per week

Our after-school service operates 2pm to 6.30pm with foot collection from local school Gaelscoil.

Our pre-school hours are as follows: sessional 9am to 12 noon or 12.15 to 3.15pm Part-time care 9am to 2pm.

Oakfield Close curriculum is play-based with introduction of the Irish language & come this September 2015 we will be rolling out the Smart Start programme in all areas which is run by NCN in conjunction with the HSE it is a Health Promotion Programme covering areas such as Oral Health, Nutrition, Health & Safety, Physical Activity, Emotional Well-Being/Literacy and Health Promotion.

We look forward to a new term beginning on 31st August 2015 where we will be looking forward to  a fun packed year again. For more information contact Childcare Centre Manager Jacinta on 022 51484 e-mail

Posted by Childcare Managers Jacinta O’Keeffe : July 2015