Cuan Alainn have a ‘Mud Glorious Mud’ Day at Causey Farm

Residents and staff at Cuan Alainn visited Causey Farm in July 2013. Elaine Burnett, Manager at Cuan Alainn, tell us about their muddy team-building adventure:

Our trip to Causey Farm was thoroughly enjoyed by all at Cuan Alainn. Upon arrival we were brought to see the animals where the children were encouraged to hold, pet and play with all the animals. The staff at the farm were really nice, helpful and patient.

We took our time, went with the pace of the group and never once felt rushed. We brought our own picnic but were also given tea, homemade scones and homemade jam in the canteen mmmmmmmm. Next we went of a trip on the back of the tractor to the bog where we all got mucky from head to toe. Each and every child and adults had great muddy fun. There was a great sense of bonding especially between parent and child as we all had to work as part of a team to free each other and help each other from slipping, sticking and sinking further.

Trust is an essential element when it comes to jumping into a bog, as you are reliant on your group to support and help you. At first many of the children tip toed in till they realised we were all working together and built a level of trust in each other. It also gave everyone a sense of achievement knowing that you were 100% stuck and through determination and teamwork you were free….. only to go and do it all over again. Everyone from tot to toddler (and those slightly older) really enjoyed themselves.

We hope to continue to this type of work with everyone who enters our service, as these type of team building days’ create a wonderful sense of connection.