Glenview Christmas Concert – December 2014

The children of Glenview and Ballyrichard Youth Club raised the roof in Glenview Community Building on 16th December 2014 with the Christmas performance for their families.

Fifteen children aged 6-14 year showcased an energetic dance routine together. This was choreographed by the three members of the youth club who were 14 years old. They then sang their favourite Christmas songs and songs from the Frozen movie, some children played tin whistle, and the children also sang individually. The audience were full of laughter listening to Will tell his jokes. The evening was very special for the families. Parents and families commented on how talented all the children are.

The community enjoyed the light refreshments, which were organised for attendees, by the volunteers of the youth club.

A big thank you to the volunteers from Glenview who come every week to run the youth club.

Posted by : Caroline Haran (Resident Support Worker)