Introduction of Tenant Information Portal plus land-line.


Residents can  log repairs and review their individual rent account details online at our new Tenant Information Portal accessed through our main Respond homepage, or please click here.




0818 Lo-Call National Call telephone numbers were initially introduced to make it more cost effective to make a call nationally from land-lines however with the decline in land-lines and the increase in mobile phone usage these numbers have become more expensive to use.

Lo-Call National Call phone numbers are charged at call rates between 15 cent and 49 cent[1] per minute depending on the persons provider.

Most popular mobile and landline phone deals, with inclusive minutes, exclude national 0818 calls from their minute bundles, therefore calls to this number could represent a higher cost to our residents.

If a Respond resident wishes to ring Respond during normal working hours, for any reason Respond is now in a position to supply Respond resident’s with two alternative contact telephone numbers:

  • Lo-call – 0818 357 901 or
  • Land-line – 051 840200.

The introduction of the Respond land-line number could potentially save residents up to 49 cent per minute depending on their provider.

Respond has invested a lot of time and energy in promoting the 0818 number. Therefore the Respond 0818 number will initially run in conjunction with the new 051 landline number and all advertising material would still contain the Respond brand number of 0818 357 901.

Historically there was a varying cost between land-line numbers in different geographical locations. Many providers are now equalizing land-line call charges across regions and more people are relying on mobile phone usage, therefore the geographical location of the caller to this 051 number should not be an issue.

Irish standard pre pay mobile call rates to landlines vary from 19 cent to 29[2] cent per minute with some providers offering deals with inclusive landline calls.

Residents will need to check their current provider’s rates to achieve the most cost effective option for them.

The telephone number 0818 357901 will be discontinued at the beginning of January 2016

[1] Cost source:  Individual provider’s websites dated 29/01/2014