Marquis Drive Residents visit Fota Wildlife Park

On Monday 15th July families from Respond’s Marquis Drive, Dungarvan had a fantastic day in Foto wildlife park. The sun shone and the six adults and eight children who attended, got a fantastic day of exotic animals, ice – cream and a tasty picnic!

For most it was the first time seeing these animals, which added to the general air of excitement! The trip was made possible with the support of the VEC who provided the bus.

Respond’s Resident Support Worker Caroline Haran and Family Support Worker Niamh Flavin attended with the group.  Niamh Flavin stated:

“As a family support worker I believe it is important that we provide opportunities for families to feel included.  One of the main national outcomes of Respond’s Family Support Strategy, for parents and children,  is to feel part of a positive network of family, friends and neighbours.  By providing a social outing such as Fota wildlife park, families can engage and socialise, this is all very positive for our estate and the overall well-being of families on our estates”

Many programmes are run on Respond estates with the aim of encouraging parents to make friendships and for parent /child quality time.

It was great fun for the families from Marquis Drive and everyone really enjoyed the day.