Respond BSS Students Graduate from UCD September 2013

At a time of bad news and growing social housing need a bit of good news emerged last week with the graduation of 19 Respond College /UCD students who graduated with a Bachelor of social science in housing and community development studies.These new graduates have just completed a four year programme which covered housing policy, strategic planning and community development to mention but a few.

In the current housing crises where need is at an all time high with 100,000 families on local authority waiting lists these new graduates will play a pivotal role in local authorities and the community sector to assist in tackling the growing social housing problems.Their intensive four year Degree Course provides them with the necessary skills to make a positive contribution to the Irish housing sector.

” I congratulate these mature students for their dedication and determination in completing this challenging degree course and urge them to use their new skills to make a meaningful impact on the lives of disadvantaged vulnerable families through the work of their relevant organisations across the country” concluded Ned Brennan, Chief Operations Officer of Respond