Santa on Wheels arrives at Oakley Wood

Oakley Wood Tullow first Christmas event took place on Sunday 15th December 2013

Thirty three families and almost sixty children attended. Santa came into the estate in a red rally car with his assistant elf Catherine driving.

Families queued up to meet Santa, who was situated in his grotto at Oakley. All the children were on Santa’s nice list and were given a selection box each.  Photos were taken and a photo will be given to each family as a memorial of the event

Residents from the estate served tea, coffee, goodies, refreshment’s to the families in the kitchen area.  Residents noted that it was great to meet their neighbours, many chatted together over a cuppa etc.

A special mention must be given to Lisa Bowes and Pauline Broderick for their fantastic work in helping to organize the event, setting up the grotto for Santa’s arrival and volunteering their time on the day.