‘The Parade of Light’ Waterford – October 2014

Children at Killure Grove Afterschool Centre with their 'Parade of Light' Lanterns

Lanterns of paper and willow will light the dark in Waterford’s first Parade of Light  on Friday on 17th October at 6pm. Look forward to a fabulous spectacle, as lantern carriers with their creations parade through the streets after dark. This event is part of the IMAGINE Arts Festival which is talking place in Waterford 16 – 26 October (www.imagineartsfestival.com) .

The organisers state that .. the ‘Parade of Light’ has a magical feel due to the large involvement of children’ . Children drawn from schools all over Waterford, including children from Respond’s Killure Afterschool, have been hard-at-work making these special lanterns. Children are also invited to dress up in costume to scare any evil spirits floating around that night.

The first lantern parades originated in China where the ‘declining light of the winter’ was celebrated. This type of parade now happens all over the world where some countries still mark the declining light and others celebrate the light of the North Star.

It is very much a community arts project with volunteer’s (local artists) teaching the children how to make the lanterns. We would like to thank our local artist and Respond resident Marianna Shostak who facilitated the activities at Killure Grove, showing the children how to make such beautiful imaginative willow works-of-art.

Lantern carriers will assemble at Ballybricken Bull Post (Weather permitting) to leave at 6pm on Friday 17th Oct. and will be accompanied by local choirs who will sing songs to celebrate light.

To find out more information about the parade or Killure Grove Afterschool other activities please contact Childcare Leader Jean on 051 855734