Tenant Responsibilities

As a tenant of Respond Housing Association, you are responsible for maintaining and carrying out some repairs to your home (both internally and externally). As a general rule, tenants are responsible for internal repairs and garden maintenance and Respond Housing Association as landlord is responsible for structural repairs.

Below is a list of some of your responsibilities as tenant. For a more detailed list, please refer to your Tenant Handbook or ask your Resident Support Worker on their next visit to your estates.

  • External
    1. Acquirement or replacement of bins
    2. Maintenance and repair of boundary walls and fences
    3. Maintenance and cleaning of foul drainage gully traps and pipes within the property
    4. Maintenance of your garden (including grass and hedge cutting)
    5. Repair or replacement of side or front gates
    6. Cleaning and maintenance of rain water gully traps and pipes within the property
    7. Pest control
    8. Any damage to windows, doors or locks of sheds
    9. Maintenance of washing lines
    10. Care of tv aerials
  • Internal
    1. Care of doorbells
    2. Draught proofing of rooms
    3. Repair and replacement of external door locks, handles and hinges
    4. Repair and replacement of glazing
    5. Repair and replacement of internal doors and internal door locks, handles and hinges
    6. Maintenance, repair and replacement of letterboxes
    7. Change of locks if broken or keys lost
    8. Responsibility for lock / hinge lubrication
  • Electrical
    1. Responsibility for appliances
    2. Replacement of fluorescent tubes, light bulbs, smoke alarm batteries etc
  • Finishes
    1. Maintenance of curtain rails
    2. Repair or replacement of floor finishes, including adaptations
    3. Internal painting and decorating
    4. Internal plaster cracks on walls
    5. Repair of replacement of tiling (walls or floors)
  • Fittings
    1. Maintenance or repair of kitchen presses and counter top
    2. Maintenance or repair of wardrobes and wardrobe doors, hinges and handles
  • General
    1. Damage caused by a break in
    2. Damage caused by a fire to personal property
    3. Maintenance or repair of stair rails or guarding
    4. Damage caused by vandalism
  • Heating
    1. Air locks
    2. Chimney cleaning and maintenance
  • Plumbing
    1. Air locks
    2. Repair of baths if damage caused (including chains and stoppers for sinks, basins and baths)
    3. Maintenance and cleaning of sanitary fittings and sinks
    4. Repair or replacement of toilet seats if damaged
    5. Repair of replacement of wash hand basin and pedestal if damaged
    6. Repair and replacement of tap washers
  • Windows
    1. Replacement of broken glass
    2. Draught proofing>
    3. Cleaning of windows
    4. Maintenance, repair or replacement of window handles
    5. Maintenance, repair or replacement of window hinges, stays and catches

* Please note this is not an exhaustive list of tenant responsibilities and in some cases exceptions do apply