Training Centre

The main objective of the Training Centre is to progressively make education available and accessible in the Greater Kokstad area. It’s purpose is to offer high quality education in order to empower the community with qualifications, skills and competencies.

The Training Centre offers courses and career paths for unemployed and unskilled people to learn trades and skills that will offer them concrete chances of entering the economy, either as employees, or by adding to their self-sufficiency, or through encouraging the development of entrepreneurship.

Courses are either developed in-house, or supplied by quality courseware from external service providers. All courses are SETA accredited, offering a range of unit standards, and based on extensive practical experience.

Respond developed a range of short skills courses (between five and fifteen days) with a full artisan training programme for implementation parallel with these courses.

Various programmes are currently delivered in the Training Centre including:

  • Training in areas of acute skills shortage through relevant SETA accreditation programmes such as Information Technology, Construction, Education & Development, Agriculture etc.
  • Entrepreneurial – Seedlings & Vegetable gardens with potential of major income generation.
  • Other training activities such as Life Skills coaching, welding, and furniture making (phased programme) and football coaching.