The Research and Development (R&D) Team within Respond Housing Association serves the educational research needs of Respond College and the wider information and research needs of the Respond Directors and Core Management Team.

The main research work on behalf of Respond Housing Association is the preparation of short briefing papers, reports, scoping and policy papers across a range of subject areas, including:

  • Review of current/pending legislation and likely impacts for Respond/residents
  • Various aspects of housing policy and housing finance mechanisms
  • Young people leaving institutional care
  • Women and family refuge and support services
  • Traveller accommodation issues
  • Review of homeless policy
  • Community based mental health services
  • Sustainable communities and choice based lettings
  • Area profiles (in liaison with in-house Property Management Team)
  • Evaluation research

A number of in-house strategy documents have also been developed, including:

  • Respond Older Persons Strategy
  • Family Support Strategy (in collaboration with Dr. Kieran McKeown)
  • Better Being community based mental health strategy for children, adolescents and families (in collaboration with Dr. Kieran McKeown)
  • Education course design, development and accreditation documentation
  • Occasional seminar and workshop presentations and papers
  • Sourcing background statistical and policy data on a range of topics, as requested