If you would like to donate to any of our South Africa projects, you can do so here. We would ask that you specify that you would like your donation to be used in South Africa and not in Ireland.

Just to give an idea about what your kind donation can achieve, believe shows how your generosity can really make a difference:

  • Medical Check-ups
    €60 would cover the cost of providing a medical check-up for a child (including blood test) attending the respite centre. Most of these children attending are from secluded rural areas and some have never had a medical check-up before as travelling the distance is a great problem.
  • €75 would cover a programme cost for the centre. We hope to run 20 programmes during 2012.
  • €180 would provide 10-12 bereavement counselling sessions for children who have lost parents due to HIV/AIDS.
  • Yondlabantu
    €200 would cover the yearly training costs for a home-based worker, ensuring that they are kept up to date with changes in providing care in the area of HIV/AIDS, TB and other illnesses as well as administration and record keeping.
  • Shayamoya Township Social Project
    €500 would pay for an unemployed trainee to complete a 45-day accredited training course as the new township training centre.
  • Hardenburg Respite Centre
    €500 would pay for a weekend respite for 38 children or €14 would pay for one child to attend. The cost includes providing nutritious food for the children, paying local facilitators to conduct activities such as drama, sports, arts and crafts; and paying a cleaner and three unemployed local people, trained by Respond to work in the kitchen preparing food.
  • €3,500 would provide a playground for the children attending the newly refurbished pre-school.
  • €15,000 would buy medical equipment for the purpose built health centre.
  • €20,142 would cover the cost of employing a qualified nurse for a year to work with the home-based care workers to supply specific medical services.
  • €36,250 would train 10 people in Scarce and Critical skills and set them up in a new venture small businesses with ongoing mentoring for the first year.
For your information:

If the donation is €250 or more (in a tax year) Respond, is then eligible for a tax refund. Respond can reclaim the tax on this donation on the donators behalf. This requires the completion of the CHY2 Cert here and the return of this form to us, we will forward it to the Revenue Commissioners to reclaim the tax.