Landlord Responsibilities

Below is a list of items for which Respond Housing Association is responsible. If any of these maintenance issues occur, please contact 051 840200 or fill out the maintenance form here. These items fall under a variety of different headings including external works and internal maintenance.

  • External
    1. Maintenance repair or replacement or chimeny stacks, pots and cowls
    2. Estate roads and pathways where the estate has not been taken in charge by the relevant Local Authority
    3. Structural repair of garden paths
    4. Painting of external dwelling walls (in compliance with cyclical maintenance schedule of Respond Housing Association)
    5. Public lighting
    6. Public sewers
    7. Repair or replacement of rain water pipes and gutters
    8. Repair and replacement of roof tiles, fascia and soffit
    9. Structural repair of sheds (if constructed by Respond Housing Association)
    10. Structural repair of external walls, ground floors, first floors, roof etc
    11. Communal TV aerials
  • Internal
    1. Communal door entry systems (i.e. to communal buildings and apartments)
    2. Cyclical painting and replacement of external doors
  • Electrical
    1. Responsibility for fuses
    2. Responsibility for light / cooker switches
    3. Repair or replacement of smoke alarms
    4. Maintenance, repair or replacement of sockets
    5. Repair or replacement of wiring
  • Finishes
    1. Replacement of ceiling
  • General
    1. Maintenance of internal communal areas
    2. Repair where structural damage is caused by fire
    3. Maintenace, repair or replacement of floor boards (not the floor finishes)
    4. Replacement of stair rails / guarding
    5. Structural repair or replacement of major building components
  • Heating
    1. Maintenance, repair or replacement of boilers (solid fuel, oil or gas)
    2. Maintenance of central heating pumps, timers etc
    3. Repair or replacement of heating controls
    4. Repair or replacement of radiators
  • Plumbing
    1. Repair or replacement of baths
    2. Repair of burst pipes
    3. Repair or replacement of foul outlet pipes
    4. Repair of electric showers
    5. Repair or replacement of hot water or cold water supply pipes to sanitary fittings
    6. Repair or replacement of taps
    7. Repair or replacement of wash hand basin and pedestal
    8. Repair or replacement of water tank (cold)
    9. Repair or replacement of water tank (hot) including immersion
  • Windows
    1. Cyclical maintenance (including painting)
    2. Window replacement

* Please note exceptions to the above responsibilities apply, for example when repair is due to tenant misuse or abuse