Maintain your Home

In order to help you maintain your home in the best possible condition, below are some useful tips. If you would like any further advice or assistance, please contact your Resident Support Worker who will be happy to help.

Condenstaion occurs when moist air reaches a cold surface and is one of the most common causes of dampness and mould growth. This moisture is usually caused by steam from cooking, washing, bathing, showering, drying clothes etc. Condensation causes walls, ceilings and sometimes floors to become damp and discoloured due to mould growth on their surfaces.
Some tips on how to reduce condensation include:

  • Heat and ventilate the dwelling
  • When cooking and washing, use an extraction fan and keep internal doors closed. When you are finished, open a window to ventilate the room
  • Keep the lid on saucepans as they boil and do not leave kettles boiling for long periods
  • Do not block built in ventilators
  • Dry clothes outside as much as possible (but not on balconies
  • Avoid the use of paraffin and gas heaters if there is a problem with condensation

Smoke Detectors
All our properties are fitted with smoke detectors for your safety and protection. There are two types:

  • Battery operated – These smoke detectors have a removable battery that is guaranteed for a certain number of years after which they must be replaced.
  • Mains operated – these look and work like battery operated alarms but are wired to your electricity supply with a rechargeable battery back up.

Please note you should test your smoke detector every week. To test your smoke detector, press the button until the alarm sounds.

Gas safety advice
If gas is escaping inside your home:

  • Open the windows to ventilate your home
  • Do not switch on or off any electrical appliance or light switch
  • Find the gas meter and turn off the gas mains supply
  • Do not smoke or use a naked flame

Contact Bord Gais immediately on 1850 20 50 50 to report the leak. Further information is available on their website

Useful websites with information on maintaining your home include the following: