Millenium Court

Area: Kilkenny
County: Kilkenny
Local authority: Kilkenny County Council visit external website
Total Homes in Estate: 46
  • Total number of 2-bed houses: 12
  • Total number of 3-bed houses: 34
Community Building: Yes
Group Home: Yes
Childcare Services: Yes
Childcare Phone: For further information on childcare services in this estate, please contact Penny on 056 7760187
Estate Information:

Millenium Court in Kilkenny was designed by Respond Housing Association and conmpleted by Thomas Kelly & Sons in 2001. This estate was built with the support of Kilkenny County Council and kindly funded by the Department of the Environment, Community and Local Government. Millenium Court contains 46 family homes as well as 2 group homes and a community building which provides childcare services, youth clubs, educational courses and a community garden.