21 Day Step Challenge

Ard an Ghleanna 3Waterford Childcare Committee supplied nine childcare services from within the Waterford City and County with pedometers for all staff to wear in the 21 days, with the aim of achieving the optimum 10,000 steps, leading up to Mayors Health week which took place in June.

Waterford CC

The following is an excerpt from one Respond childcare services’ Ard an Ghleanna 4experience which resulted in a very funny take on the challenge where each staff had a nickname with hilarious challenge results…

Six staff and one parent took part… Speedy Gonzalez, Happily Hoppity, Dancing Queen, Counting Steps, Counting Syns, Puff and Roadrunner (parent) who participated and went on to win a Ard an Ghleanna 2prize for most steps

Day2…counting steps, puff and happily hoppity joined a kangoo class-great but resulted in having to walk sideways down the stairs due to aches and pains.

Day5…happily hoppity became so obsessed with the challenge she continued to make steps while doing office work jogging on the spot sitting down- she is now on 2 weeks holidays with repetitive injury strain.

Day6…one staff now fosters 2 dogs and can be seen walking the roads day and night. She can be found sleep walking with her 2 hands extended looking for the dog leads.

Ard an GhleannaDay7…one staff member traded in her car for a new pair of runners and can now be seen walking to and from Tesco unnecessarily 4 times a day shouting to passers-by ‘I’m at 10,000 steps, can’t stop, very busy’.

Sandra Morrissey Childcare Manager (aka Speedy) and Lilly Power Deputy Manager (aka Happily Hoppity) stated

“ Following the 21 days, we had the following results: we are now fully committed to running, walking, jumping, and crawling. We didn’t lose an ounce of weight but are more active and willing to commit to a fitness video!!’

The most important result (including the fun) was an increased awareness of how much activity everyone is actually doing in any one day.


Posted:  June 2015