Community Garden Celebrations in Glenn na Bearu

20151030_153809The doors to Respond Glenn na Bearu Community Centre were thrown open on Friday 30th October to exhibit the fruits of the hard work that had been achieved in the garden during the year. The celebration encompassed the intergeneration community project, which commenced in the Garden in March, and the course around basic gardening skills funded by Carlow Kilkenny ETB has proved to be the corner stone of this fantastic community project.

This course was attended by local residents both young and older, staff and volunteers from Carlow Regional Youth Services and residents from the local BEAM project. Funding had been secured from Respond, Carlow County Council and Carlow Regional Youth Services. This funding, and the participants enthusiasm,  ensured the project’s success with the development of raised beds, seeds and all the necessary materials for the garden.

Dee Sewell, ETB Tutor and owner Greenside up  stated that:

“Community gardens have so many benefits. Primarily they’re about sharing – we share the work, the food and enjoy one another’s company while we do so. They’re great places for learning, whether it’s basic gardening skills, about nature and biodiversity, food sources and food waste, and they attract young and old, able and less able from the entire social economic spectrum that live in a community “. This community has certainly achieved this and with this only being the first phase of the project  with a lot more planned from Christmas crafts to plastic bottle glass houses the sky is the limit with this group so watch this space!

There are still places available on the current course if interested, the group meets on Wednesday mornings from 10-12.30 in Glenn an Bearu community centre for more information contact Sarah Barron, Respond on 0863032736.