Current Horticulturist Projects – located at Eiscir Riada and Garran an Chaislean:

Kathleen Mc Donagh & Horticulturist John Forrestal (1)Two horticulturist projects funded by Respond and Offaly Local Development Company are currently underway.

Eiscir Riada:

Katarzyna Marvszewski (2)Horticulturist advised and supported four residents with no previous experience to design and  plant their gardens with trees, bedding plants and vegetables. He also advised them on the plants aftercare.

Three communal areas of the estate are also being planted with trees ,shrubs and bedding plants as a way of enhancing the estates identity but also as a means to improve the residents quality of life.

The reaction of residents on the estate has been very enthusiastic and a sense of pride of place is being developed.

Garran an Chaislean:

Horticulturist met the resident based allotment group on the estate and facilitated them to forward plan their project into next year. The group has agreed to dig up the area and prepare it for next year’s planting. The fencing and hedging is also to be completed and new grass based pathways planted through the allotment to facilitate access and maintenance.

The group will  work with Offaly Rural Development Programme to develop the remainder of the waste land adjoining the allotment into a football area for the estates children and also a small woodland.

The Horticulturist also worked with residents to design and plant a vegetable patch and also replant communal area to the entrance of the estate and the Community Building.

Brendan Doorley & Charles DoonerYolanda Thorntons new garden design

Posted:  November 2015