Dublin City Council Steering Plan for Housing People with Disabilities

Steering Committe

Dublin City Council Launched the Steering Plan for Housing People with Disabilities in January 2016.

The Steering Committee include: Parag Joglekar (Respond) Cormac O’Donnell (Dublin City Council), Neil Nemy (Dublin City Council) Nicola O’Hara(Dublin City Council)  , Patricia Cleary (HAIL) Paul Kenny ( St Michael’s House) Dolores Murphy (IWAL) Carne Gallagher (ISCH) Lillian Buchanan (DFI) Valerie Bowe (GDIL) Annie Byrne (GDIL) Emer Whelan (HSE) Carol Doolan (HSE) John O’Hehir (Focus Ireland) Brendan Lennon (DeafHear).

Resport 2016The Foreword by Criona Ni Dhalaigh, Lord Mayor of Dublin states:

“The Strategic plan for housing people with disabilities has involved many people from many fields bringing together their experience and expertise in working with or supporting people with disabilities to put together a coherent plan for expanding the possibilities of community living for people some of whom historically may have had a rely on institutional care

The importance of pre-planning both in terms of the physical structures for those with physical and sensory disabilities and appropriate community and support structures, for all dealing with the challenge of their disability, whether it be physical, sensory, mental health or intellectual, is underscored by the case studies

The Steering committee have brought not only their own expertise and experience into the project, but have included the guidance and lessons gleaned from the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, the 2005 Disability Act and resulting Sectorial Plans, the HSE review on those living in congregated settings, the Social Housing Strategy, and other pertinent documents, in devising this plan”

Posted: January 2016