Magdalene’s visit High Park in June 2018

On 6th of June 2018, after a morning in the Mansion House taking oral testimony from former Magdalenes a group of 54 of the women came to High Park to discuss how they may be commemorated on this site.


It was a lovely event including participation from residents of the Family Hub and artwork by children. Our new motif for the Hub and surrounds is the butterfly. Making the visit meaningful was quite an undertaking which involved many people throughout the organisation notably Angela Tunney of the Property Department who presented ideas as to how we might commemorated the Magdalenes on the site.

Many of the women who visited were very clear that the legacy they want in High Park and beyond is that we build homes and improve lives. They repeated asked us to ‘look after the vulnerable’ and to ‘take care of the children’ in their name.

On the back of ideas spoken about at this meeting Respond will design the commemoration for the site – all are in keeping with the theme of hope and new life.