Never thought we would have grapes growing in Airmount

Allotment 10 May 16In September 2012 the residents decided to approach Respond with an intent of putting an allotments area at Airmount, and over the years this has grown to a blooming community garden. Each new year brings new plants, vegetables and new residents to this sunny spot for everyone to enjoy.

Allotment 12 May 16The care and attention that the residents give to this garden is all year round and would not look as good without their hard work and dedication.

Allotment 2 May 2016This year we are very excited about our first crop of grapes coming-on in the poly tunnel, which was funded by GIY 2 years ago,  fingers crossed it all ends well.

Posted June 2016 by Eleanor Gaffney Respond Older Persons Support Worker