The A Team nominate John’s College to win food garden – Respond Waterford


The A Team want to nominate the new community at John’s College in Waterford City to win the food garden from Cully & Sully.

The people at Respond, focus on providing the basis for communities to flourish. The building at the old John’s College seminary is currently being transformed into 21 apartments and an 11 person group home with 36 separate apartments for older persons, some homeless and other people needing secure accommodation and a supportive environment. The community of 150 people living there will be supported with a number of facilities including day care, education and health facilities. But funds are very tight and help is needed.

A community food garden where the produce can be used to help people to be active and support their own needs in their dining facilities and which encourages a collective activity has to be one of the best anti-poverty, health development, education support and environment improvement actions Cully and Sully could contribute.

There is a walled garden on site just crying out to be used to grow produce which can be used to provide healthy meals for residents. But the main focus of a food garden for a project like John’s College is the social interaction between residents where they can meet and grow vegetables but also grow friendships.

Don’t just plant a new garden, set a standard and make a social investment that helps a whole