Townparks, Longford – Blooming Great

As a new estate Townspark in Longford lacked any real community planting scheme.  This all changed in 2013 when a group of just four residents transformed the garden area beside the Community Building into an oasis of colour and tranquillity.

The garden became a focal point for residents and visitors alike to relax, observe nature and breathe the aroma of the various plants. Not happy with their achievements the group expanded and this year took on the monumental task of transforming the entire estate. They set about planting a variety of native trees and bushes along the boundary walls, developed rose beds, flower beds and took over the maintenance of the green areas.

The group realised that they could not do it all themselves and capitalised on the interest of the residents in their work by hosting a ‘Planting Day’. The concept was simple. The Gardening group provided plants and planting advice to those who arrived with their containers, hanging baskets and window boxes.

The results are phenomenal. A total of 42 households attended this event, attendees ranged from the very young to our more senior residents. Neighbours got to know each other, everyone learned a little, the sun shone and there is a new look on the estate now.  The look of colour, of pride, of Community in Action.

Well done to everyone involved.

Posted by David Parslow July 2014